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Grooming Den

Grooming Den

Just For Pets offers a full line of grooming services that focuses on providing your companion not only a professional groom but  also designed to provide a  positive and relaxing  experience.  Jordan has over 12 years of experience working for some of Austin's finest grooming shops. By design, Jordan grooms a limited number of dogs each day so she has the time to get to know each of her "customers" and can dedicate her time to providing a gentle and complete grooming experience. We only use products that are safe for both your dog, the groomer and our environment. Our specialty is gentleness!

One of Jordan's customers presented Jordan with this wonderfully humorous caricature of a day in the life of Jordan at Just For Pets! The original hangs in the front window at our store.  Jordan's customers are her biggest fans and we think that speak volumes about both Jordan and her grooming skills!

Pet grooming Services offered at Just For Pets ... we like to keep it simple.  So, we offer two options for you to consider:


This is our basic  service that will assist you in  maintaining the overall  appearance and hygiene of your dog.  Here’s what happens when you choose THE BATH:

  • We will bath your dog using only premium, all natural shampoos and fine conditioners.
  • Your dog will be blow-dried using only room temperature air, never hot air.
  • Then we do a full Brush out, followed by nail trimming, ear cleaning and the external expression of the glands.

For many of our customers, this is all that is needed. We recommend that this service is conducted on a regular basis. Jordan will be happy to suggest what that schedule should be for your dog and will be glad to schedule follow up visits.


This service begins where THE BATH ends! Your dog will receive a complete haircut . The haircut is usually breed-specific, but Jordan will be happy to work with you on a haircut that is just as unique as your dog!  So, you can decide exactly how you want your pet to look. Jordan enjoys giving your dog the individual look you want!


Pricing is as unique and individual as your dog because there are many variables in dog grooming; but, in general, pricing is largely based on the time required to complete the  service. Size of dog, degree of matting, dry time, length of hair, and styling times are some of the variables that determine length of time to complete the service.  Jordan will be happy to work with on the pricing that is specific to your dog.

Additional SERVICES offered:

Jordan can also provide you pricing on the following optional services:

  • De-shedding, de-matting, teeth brushing, nail trimming, and  hair and nail coloring.

Contact us today and ask for Jordan ... (512) 342-2220!  We love to be your dog's grooming place!